Law gone mad

On 4 May this year, my 75-year-old Mum was confronted by an angry man loudly complaining that she had parked in a disabled space. She has a legitimate blue badge due to a combination of health issues and so was quite entitled to park her car where she did. She was so distressed and embarrassed by the situation that she rang me in floods of tears. I was fuming, so I  tweeted, as I tend to do, about the situation. In one of my tweets I said “I’d bloody well have made him disabled if I’d been there.” If the #twitterjoketrial is anything to go by, I’m lucky someone wasn’t trawling the web looking for such threats and that I wasn’t arrested and taken to court for threatening behaviour. Shame on the law, which seems to have lost all common sense.


One thought on “Law gone mad

  1. I’m amazed this even went to trial, such a waste of money all around and like you, I’d probably be in jail too, I tweet some terrible things sometimes 😀

    As for the bloke, find out who he is and poo on his car windscreen. 😀

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